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Sting, Hindemith, Martin, Mr. Montelli, Mozart & Schollum: M

Sting, Hindemith, Martin, Mr. Montelli, Mozart & Schollum: M

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Mister Montelli - Flutes, viola, clarinets: three instruments, three musicians, three voices – only one surviving piece for this combination from a composer who wrote under the pseudonym ‘Mr. Montelli´. Three women, who chose this pseudonym as their trio name, drawing inspiration and ideas from the multifaceted instrumentation, their musical versatility, and the narrative threads of music history. Sophie Katharina Schollum (flutes, vocals, composition), Anna Magdalena Siakala (viola, vocals, arrangement) and Theresa Dinkhauser (clarinets, voice) recount their stories in original compositions, improvisations and arrangements: nights in tents on steep rocky coasts, experimental tones in smokey cellars in the early hours of the morning, colorful markets in searing heat, and elegant windows behind which pseudonymous women in corsets pour their dreams into sounds. They travel to snow-covered mountain peaks, enjoy the freedom of solitude, celebrate exuberant feasts in watery meadows under starry skies. They philosophise about structures and systems in harmonies, words and movement, tell tales of intoxication of time out, lost wishes, new dreams, and wide spaces which, playing and singing, they fill with their innermost voices. A tightly woven carpet of collected experiences and cherished sounds, blended into fresh realities of connection, vibrancy and perspective.

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