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A new album of Rameau from Finnish accordionist Janne Valkeajoki presents a harmonious fusion of baroque brilliance and modern innovation. Renowned for his unparalleled contributions to Baroque opera, Jean-Philippe Rameau stands as one of the era's most important composers. The brilliance of his compositions is now reimagined through a more modern lens on this new album from Finnish accordionist Janne Valkeajoki.

Through a unique and innovative approach, Rameau's meticulously crafted movements find new life with the accordion—an instrument that adds a fresh, vibrant layer to the music, bringing Rameau's innovative spirit into the contemporary realm and highlighting the accordion's versatility as both a singing and an orchestral instrument.

This new album comprises two suites, each movement creating a unique atmosphere of its own. In an era where full suites are less commonly heard than individual movements, the album offers a rare opportunity to experience Rameau's work in its entirety, as he originally intended.

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