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Pedrollo: La Veglia

Pedrollo: La Veglia

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La veglia is a single act opera by Arrigo Pedrollo (1878-1964) based on a libretto by Carlo Linati, taken from In the shadow of the Glen by Synge. It focuses on the role of the woman of humble conditions, exploited by those who promised her, with marriage, a happy life. The old herdsman, Dan Burke, pretends to be dead in order to discover her deception and to have proof of the guilt of his young wife, Nora. While the greedy Michele, interested in Nora's inheritance, having made his calculations, proposes marriage to her, Dan Burke rises in a powerful fury and violently chases his wife out of the house. Nora, after years of submission, finally attacks him, declaring her complete contempt for his horrible character, his avarice, his insensitivity. With bitterness in his heart for his most beautiful years"throw away" he collects his poor things, and prepares, at dawn, to leave towards the unknown. But if the regret for not having enjoyed her youth properly and if the certainty of being left without a place to live oppress her soul, a new twist illuminates the dark story: the meek and gentle Giramondo, to whom Nora, in that same night of wind and storm he had given shelter, comes to her rescue, offers her love, and the promise that, together and free, they will be able, in love, to know the world and the flowering of the seasons under the starry sky.

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