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Mari Kodama, Momo Kodama, Karin Kei Nagano and Kent Nagano present Double and Triple Concertos by Mozart and Poulenc, together with the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande. This unique project highlights the musicality and congeniality of this extraordinary family of performers. On this album, the husband (Kent Nagano) conducts his wife (Mari Kodama), daughter (Karin Kei Nagano) and sister-in-law (Momo Kodama). The collective performance on this album resonates with Mozart's own practice of playing his music together with his father and sister. Despite belonging to different ages in music history, Mozart and Poulenc share a combination of playfulness and seriousness, and the latter composer manages to integrate touches of Mozartian neoclassicism into his genuinely French and twentieth-century double concerto. Sharing the stage on this recording is a dream come true for the Kodama-Nagano family. 8717306262026 PNTA5187202SACD 44281762 .00 21.99 .16 PENTATONE SUPER-AUDIO CD CLASSICAL ORCHESTRAL & SYMPHONIC 05/24/2024 158 BACH,J.S / WEISS / LAZARI SUITE SW47 FOR GUITAR & VIOLIN This recording features a work with a strange coincidence in it's compositional process and an astonishing dual authorship. Remarkably, Silvius Leopold Weiss's Lute Suite SW47 (which he named Suonata) also comes with a violin part that can be played over the top of it, composed by none other than Johann Sebastian Bach. A recent comparison of sources revealed that the harpsichord part in Bach's Suite for Violin & Harpsichord BWV1025, long considered to be of doubtful attribution, perfectly matches Weiss's suite. The violin part, meanwhile, was indeed composed entirely by Bach and is an additional melody independent of Weiss's musical material. It feels almost like a 'free improvisation' above the suite and recalls a similar process carried out by Charles Gounod in 1859: his Ave Maria fits over the first Prelude from Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier BWV846. The sole exception is the Fantasia movement in Bach's piece, which is not derived from Weiss's suite, meaning both the violin and harpsichord parts in it are unique to Bach. This recording presents Weiss's suite on it's own and with the addition of Bach's violin part, both versions arranged by guitarist Alberto La Rocca for his instrument in place of the lute or harpsichord. (The all-Bach Fantasia is not included in the version without violin.) Weiss's Suite (Suonata) is a high-quality work composed for a 13-course Baroque lute. It is rarely, if ever, performed by either lute or guitar players, yet it contains all the best features of the great German lutenist's oeuvre: a refined and elegant compositional style and a varied range of expression. Bach's 'added melody', composed with his usual superhuman ability, shines a new light on the original suite, as if dressing it up in extraordinarily elegant attire. The violin part comments on the original lute texture without suffocating it, almost like a free improvisation above it. It plays with the various elements of Weiss's music, extrapolating ideas for themes, imitating them or simply wandering freely. Bach's part is also highly imaginative and varied in it's expression, frequently adding complex rhythmic dovetailing and significant virtuosity while always staying true to the emotions of Weiss's movements. Bach and Weiss were friends and met on several occasions. Johann Friedrich Reichardt even describes them challenging each other to an improvisation competition: 'Anyone who understands the challenge of playing harmonic modulations and decent counterpoint on the lute will be surprised and amazed to hear an eyewitness say that Weiss, the great lutenist, competed with J.S. Bach, the great harpsichordist and organist, in playing fantasies and fugues.' While the origins of his 'transcription with accompaniment' of Weiss's Suite SW47 are still a mystery, the fact remains that we can now enjoy a unique and unusual masterpiece, which these two brilliant composers had a hand in writing. 5028421971391 BRLT97139.2 44402150 .00 12.99 .18 BRILLIANT CLASSICS COMPACT DISCS CLASSICAL ORCHESTRAL & SYMPHONIC 08/02/2024 19 RIMSKY-KORSAKOV / ST. LOUIS SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA BARTERED BRIDE - OVERTURE & DANCES These classic Vox recordings feature two former music directors of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra in their prime - Walter Susskind (Smetana) and Jerzy Semkow (Rimsky-Korsakov). Newly remastered from the original tapes. 747313304387 VOX3043.2 44358136 .00 18.99 .20 VOX COMPACT DISCS CLASSICAL ORCHESTRAL & SYMPHONIC 06/28/2024 59 GRIEG / JOHANNESEN PIANO CONCERTO IN A MINOR OP. 16 TWO LYRIC PIECES Maurice Abravanel and the Utah Symphony Orchestra are joined by Grant Johannesen in this classic Vox recording of Grieg's Piano Concerto. The programme is completed with the overture In Autumn, the Two Lyric Pieces and the Old Norwegian Melody with Variations. Newly remastered from the original tapes. 747313304080 VOX3040NX.2 44358129 .00 18.99 .21 VOX COMPACT DISCS CLASSICAL ORCHESTRAL & SYMPHONIC 06/28/2024 42 JIMENEZ,ANDRES NIGHT & DAY The pieces on this album are partly standards from the Broadway repertoire like Night & Day" or "But Beautiful". Others such as "Someday My Prince Will Come" or "Estate" were written later and became standards. Finally, the title "En La Orilla Del Mundo" comes from South American culture, to which I am very attached through my Hispanic roots. For me, these pieces have several points in common: strong and singular melodies, as well as harmonic frameworks that are sufficiently interesting and flexible to allow the jazzman that I am to express himself. My manner of interpreting these works is to stay quite close to the original composition, without artifice, while adding a personal touch.
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  • Release Date: June 28, 2024

  • UPC: 725095382021

  • Catalog Number: TCB 38202

  • Label: TCB The Montreux Jazz

  • Number of Discs: 1

  • Composer: Frank Churchill, Arthur Herzog, Jimmy van Heusen, Billie Holiday, Harry Link, Bruno Martino, Theloni

  • Performer: Andres Jimenez, Blaise Hommage, Antoine Brouze