Le Chanteur

Le Chanteur

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For the first time in his career, Roberto Alagna is devoting an entire album to the great and beautiful French chanson. Alagna is passionate about music from all over the world and this time he is offering us a veritable declaration of his love for his French musical heritage: “Le Chanteur” introduces listeners to this legacy in a different way through the whole wealth of the various genres and diverse foreign influences that have helped to shape this medium’s identity.

The album features swing, jazz, gypsy jazz, the lamento, the waltz and the tango and through its highly personal approach to these songs, it conveys the tenor’s tremendous passion for music which, full of character, is instinct with vitality and feeling. The result is a formidable tribute to the unforgettable melodies that we all know and that we have all hummed to ourselves. It is also an homage to their illustrious interpreters and composers.

The album includes, among others, “La Chanson des vieux amants”, “Padam, padam”, “Les feuilles mortes”, “C’est un mauvais garçon”, “Mon pot’ le gitan”, “Nuages”, “Adieu mon pays” and “Domino”.

“This is the first time that I have made a recording devoted entirely to the French chanson […]. Reading between the lines of this repertoire, I wanted to throw light on the whole range of different genres and on the more or less remote musical influences that are now an integral part of the identity and legacy of French music. […] This foray into a world unlike that of my normal lyrical and classical repertoire, in a genre where listeners may not necessarily expect to find me, has a particular appeal for me. […] Be that as it may, this is a recording in which I hope that listeners will sense the infinite pleasure that I myself have felt in exploring these different styles and – thanks to the instrument that is my voice – allowing audiences to discover my passion and love of this music and to share those feelings with the greatest possible number of listeners.” Roberto Alagna
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  • Release Date: October 23, 2020

  • UPC: 194397905823

  • Catalog Number: 19439790582

  • Label: Sony

  • Number of Discs: 1

  • Composer: Various

  • Performer: Roberto Alagna