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J.S. Bach: Concertos For Recorder

J.S. Bach: Concertos For Recorder

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Although Bach obviously felt at home composing for the recorder and used it in important works such as the Brandenburg Concertos and several cantatas, he never composed a concerto for solo recorder - in fact, he only wrote original solo concertos for harpsichord and violin. The lack of solo concertos for the recorder can be remedied, however: it is precisely his concertos for harpsichord that Bach demonstrably transcribed himself, although it is not always clear for which of the missing originals they were intended. Even f in some cases other instruments are more likely, it is at least not objectionable to play some of these concertos with recorder. The ensemble Cantica Symphonia has chosen Bach's concertos BWV 1053 in D major, BWV 1055 in A major for its recorder player Lorenzo Cavasanti, while violinist Liana Mosca plays the concerto BWV 1056 in G minor. Both together play the Concerto BWV 1060 in C minor, originally for two harpsichords.

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