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Edward Power Biggs Plays Historic Organs of Europe [6 CDs]

Edward Power Biggs Plays Historic Organs of Europe [6 CDs]

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The legendary English organist E. Power Biggs became a household name when his Sunday morning CBS broadcasts introduced radio listeners all over North America to the sound of historic pipe organs and the classical organ repertoire from every period. In a lifelong search for authenticity, the indefatigable Biggs visited places in Holland, North Germany, England, France, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland where some of the great organist-composers of the Renaissance and Baroque had lived and worked. Between 1961 and 1970, Columbia recorded him in a “Historic Organs of Europe” series, performing music by Bach, Buxtehude, Couperin, Dunstable, Frescobaldi, Andrea and Giovanni Gabrieli, Purcell, Soler, Sweelinck, Tallis and many others.

In his original notes to this ambitious project, which Sony Classical is now reissuing complete in a collection of 6 CDs, Biggs wrote: “It is fascinating to play a composer’s music on the organ he played. You feel that you have touched the lifeline of history… Beethoven’s orchestra, Bach’s choir are all gone, but the same organs on which great musicians played are still available.”

When these famous recordings were released on LP, Gramophone’s reviewer wrote that “the commanding sweep of the whole panorama makes compulsive listening… The enthusiasm of Mr. Power Biggs for his subjects makes him the ideal guide: he can turn his hand to any organ and make a neat job of the music, however recalcitrant the actions may be. His performances are sumptuously recorded.” Organ aficionados will relish this new opportunity to experience these musical milestones in this new box set.


  • Bach, J S: Prelude & Fugue in B minor, BWV544
  • Bach, J S: Chorale Prelude BWV691 'Wer nun den lieben Gott lässt walten'
  • Bach, J S: Chorale Prelude BWV751 'In dulci jubilo'
  • Perotinus: Hec dies
  • Leoninus: Hec dies
  • Dunstaple: Agincourt Hymn
  • Paumann: Mit ganzem Willen wünsch ich dir
  • Kotter, J: Präambulum in F
  • Tallis: Gloria Tibi Trinitas
  • Dalza: Pavana ala venetiana
  • Purcell: Chaconne in F
  • Raison: Passacaglia in G minor
  • Couperin, F: Pièces de clavecin IV: Ordre 22ème in D major: Le Trophée
  • Clérambault: Basse et Dessus de Trompette
  • Anon: Sit Gloria Domini
  • Anon: Orientis partibus
  • Anon: Christo psallat
  • Anon: Hymn to St. Magnus
  • Anon: 'Estampie' Anon 13th century
  • Anon: Te Deum-Verse
  • Soler, A: Organ Concert No. 6 in D 'Kaiserfanfare'
  • Soler, A: Keyboard Sonata No. 53 in A major 'Sonata de Clarines'
  • Dandrieu, J F: Euo en cors de chasse sur la trompete
  • Angles, R: Aria in D minor
  • Seixas: Sonata in G minor No. 25
  • Seixas: Toccata in D minor
  • Cabanilles: Batalla imperial
  • Pasquini, B: Partite sopra la Aria della Folia da Espagna
  • Milán: Pavana VI
  • Valente, A: La romanesca
  • Valente, A: Lo ballo dell’intorcia
  • Anon: Fabordon glosado VI de sexto tono
  • Frescobaldi: Gagliarda Prima
  • Frescobaldi: Gagliarda Seconda (1627)
  • Frescobaldi: Gagliarda Terza (1627)
  • Frescobaldi: Capriccio sopra la Battaglia (1637)
  • Gesualdo: Gagliarda del Principe di Venosa
  • Trabaci: Gagliarda No. 2
  • Trabaci: Gagliarda ottava
  • Gabrieli, G: Fuga sul IX Tono
  • Pasquini, B: La Follia Variations
  • Marcello, B: Psalm 19, "The heaves declare the glory of God"
  • Zipoli: Sonata d'intavolatura Book I
  • Gabrieli, A: Canzon ariosa
  • Banchieri: Dialogo secondo
  • Storace, B: Ballo della Battaglia (organ)
  • Fantini: Corrente detta dello Staccoli
  • Couperin, F: Fanfare
  • Couperin, F: Rondeau
  • Couperin, F: Offertoire sur les grands jeux
  • Lebègue: Basse de trompette
  • Balbastre: Joseph est bien marié
  • Clérambault: Caprice sur les grands jeux
  • Couperin, L: Chaconne
  • Couperin, L: Chaconne in D minor, G. 55
  • Couperin, L: Chacone in G minor
  • Dandrieu, J F: Or nous dites Marie
  • Dandrieu, P: Quand le Sauveur Jesus-Christ fut ne de Marie
  • Handel: Aylesford Pieces
  • Stanley, J: Voluntary Op. 7 No. 6 in F major
  • Stanley, J: Voluntary Op. 6 No. 5 in D major: Andante
  • Dunstaple: Agincourt Hymn
  • Dunstaple: Compositions on a Plainsong
  • Aston, H: A Hornepype
  • Preston, T: Upon La Mi Re
  • Tallis: Gloria Tibi Trinitas
  • Tallis: Iste confessor Domini sacratus
  • Tye: Point
  • Byrd: A Gigg, BK22
  • Dowland: The King of Denmark, His Galliard
  • Holborne: Allemande
  • Purcell: Ground in Gamut
  • Clarke, Jeremiah: An Ayre T452
  • Anon: Ritornell
  • Anon: Packington's Pound
  • Bach, J S: Chorale Prelude BWV676 'Allein Gott in der Höh' sei Ehr'
  • Scronx: Echo in F
  • Scronx: Echo in G
  • Telemann: Aria dell’ Omphale
  • Sweelinck: Fantasia met bindigen, D8
  • Sweelinck: Fantasia Contraria in G Dorico
  • Buxtehude: Ihr lieben Christen, freut euch nun BuxWV 51: Sinfonia
  • Buxtehude: Lob Gott, ihr christen, allzugleich BuxWV 202
  • Paumann: Mit ganzem Willen wünsch ich dir
  • Cornet: Courantes
  • Koetsier: Partia für Englischhorn und Orgel Nr. 1 Op. 41
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