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Dvorak, Janacek, Smetana & Suk: Bohemian Stories

Dvorak, Janacek, Smetana & Suk: Bohemian Stories

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“Bohemian Stories" encapsulates an intimate introspection of some "musical tales" from the Bohemian Romantic chamber music repertoire for violin and piano. In the 19th century we are spectators to an awakening of national consciousness that spreads to literary salons and theaters through the tendency of musicians to want to emancipate themselves from the ways of the hegemonic musical art, through a revaluation of popular heritage, highlighting characters of different historical-musical traditions. Freedom, independence, political autonomy, love of country and the security of one's own identity are the main driving forces of this era. The intent of the musicians of this era is to create a style that will elevate the country's musical language to a musical language of art, infusing it with new elements and an authentic national "character." In Bohemia, then included in the Habsburg Empire, this nationalist movement has a particular intensity, and by the late nineteenth century one can speak of a true "Czech style."

Among the earliest composers devoted to the exaltation of the particular pitch of the Czech melody we have Bedrich Smetana: a style of descriptive music writing in which he tells stories inspired by national legends, very remote historical events, natural landscapes, folk motifs, and rhythms of village dances. The other distinguished representative of Czech music of the second half of the 19th century is Antonín Dvorák, who enriched his vast musical output with elements drawn from the folk heritage not only of the Czech but also of other Slavic peoples (of Slovakia, Moravia, Ukraine, Russia). Leoš Janácek, that poor professor of music in the Moravian province, with a life without any great adventures or illustrious acquaintances, without too much travel and without recognition until the age of sixty where he totally identified with his inner self and his worldview. And the long story of this life of artistic struggles is told by him through his musical work. A hereditary prince of A. Dvorák, Josef Suk is a proponent of a particular nuance of late Bohemian Romanticism that is distinctly coloristic, stretching harmony to the utmost to create a more creative and personal style. Unlike his compatriots, he does not include too many references to traditional Czech music in his compositions.

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