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Danish Rain

Danish Rain

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Storyville Records proudly present the new album Danish Rain from two of the most exciting new artists in jazz, the supreme Scandinavian bassist Thomas Fonnesbæk and the young jazz superstar, pianist Justin Kauflin. This latest addition to the two gentlemen’s musical partnership builds on and expands the soundscape of their previous releases together. This recording consists of 9 tracks, 7 modern and older standards and 2 original compositions from the two players respectively. TF and JK have a shared history going back to 2015, where they were introduced to each other at a gig at the legendary Jazzhus Montmartre. Since then, the two have played, recorded and toured together, increasing their mutual understanding in the process. They both perceive music as colour, a form of synesthesia, where one sense stimulates another. It is an aptitude that permeates this record and boosts the level of interplay to new heights.

This recording is the embodiment of modern and melodic jazz, where musicians from opposite sides of the globe bring their own unique flavour to the table. Certain European aesthetics – evident in Fonnesbæk’s Danish Rain and John Lennon’s Imagine – merge perfectly with Kauflin’s potent American jazz and the beautiful grounds in between. The acrobatic Scandinavian Fonnesbæk displays a sense of swing and propulsion that mingles expertly with the precision and playfulness of the laid-back and elegant Kauflin. Their understated approach makes a powerful statement in itself. Danish bassist Thomas Fonnesbæk is a fascinating musician, who exudes technical brilliance and a superior sense of rhythm, as well as a melodic and harmonic sensitivity reminiscent of Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen that never overshadows his own unique style. Justin Kauflin is one of the greatest piano talents of recent times. Renowned trumpetist Clark Terry and Quincy Jones have both taken the young prodigy under their wings, playing a crucial part in his success. The maturity he displays and focus with which he plays is exceptional. It is a joy to listen to the interplay and the myriad of sounds and emotions created by these wizards of music – a global dance; leaving you wanting even more!

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