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Czerny: Quatuors Concertants / Baynov Piano Ensemble

Czerny: Quatuors Concertants / Baynov Piano Ensemble

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Few composers are as well known and at the same time as infamous as Carl Czerny. This is mainly due to a few collections of etudes, which were used almost excessively by some piano teachers, at least in the past, to train finger technique. The actual exercises and etudes make up only a tenth of his oeuvre, which comprises over 2000 works, of which 861 are available in print. With these numbers, it must still be taken into account that each opus can consist of up to 50 individual pieces. The largest part of his oeuvre, almost half, must be counted as arrangements.

The "Quatuors Concertants" op. 230 and op. 816 also belong to this genre, although the main titles do not indicate this and the instrumentation for four pianos with eight hands places them above the usual arrangements. The two titles "1er Quatuor Concertant op. 230" and "2me Quatuor Concertant op. 816" indicate that these pieces were intended for the concert hall. The "Quatuor Concertant op. 230" was performed on 4 April 1830 for the benefit of the victims of a Danube flood in the k.k. great Redouten-Saal in Vienna, together with the Semiramis Overture by G. Rossini, which Czerny had arranged for eight pianos with 32 hands (see CD "Up to 8 pianos"). The attractiveness of this concert was further enhanced by the fact that only aristocratic pianists, and especially female pianists, performed.

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