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Caffrey: Environments

Caffrey: Environments

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Introducing "Environments," from acclaimed composer Greg Caffrey, a poignant journey through landscapes both physical and emotional. Recorded in the heart of Belfast at the historic Townsend Street Church, this album captures the essence of a city marked by its tumultuous history and resilient spirit. Caffrey's compositions, brought to life by the renowned Ulster Orchestra, reflect his own personal journey from the streets of West Belfast to international acclaim.

The album opens with "Environments I & II," two pieces born from Caffrey's residencies in Paris, showcasing his mastery of orchestral composition. From the grandeur of a full symphony orchestra to the intimacy of chamber music, these works explore a range of rich sonic landscapes. Each note is imbued with the composer's profound connection to his surroundings, offering a window into his creative process.

"A Terrible Beauty," the centerpiece of the album, unfolds over three movements inspired by the poetry of WB Yeats. Caffrey's response to the poetry is both evocative and introspective, weaving together themes of beauty, pain, and resilience. With each movement, the music transports listeners on a visceral journey through the depths of human experience, culminating in a profound exploration of the human spirit.

Closing the album is "Aingeal," a deeply personal work written in tribute to a loved one. Set against a backdrop of strings and percussion, the music captures the raw emotions of grief and loss, offering solace and catharsis in its haunting melodies. Through "Environments," Greg Caffrey invites listeners to reflect on their own environments, both internal and external, and discover the beauty in life's most poignant moments.

Conducted by Sinead Hayes with soloists Craig Ogden (guitar) and Daniel Browell (piano).

"Environments II" is a prizewinning work in the International Conductors Union Composition Contest, Ukraine 2021.

"A Terrible Beauty" is a recommended work in the 4th Uuno Klami Composition Prize.

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Product Description:

  • Release Date: May 17, 2024

  • UPC: 809730113123

  • Catalog Number: DDX21131

  • Label: Divine Art

  • Number of Discs: 1

  • Composer: Greg Caffrey

  • Conductor: Sinead Hayes

  • Orchestra/Ensemble: Ulster Orchestra

  • Performer: Craig Ogden, Daniel Browell